Jules Jenkins

 The Hearty Gardener


Hi, I'm Jules. I've been gardening for more than 40 years. For many years, I worked in the field of water quality and conservation dealing with safe drinking water and ways to conserve. And, I've had a long career teaching environmental education to school age children, teens, and adults. Environmental education teaches us about nature, our physical world, air, water, plants and animals. Nature can be a great antidote for all of us in this world of technology. My entire life I've loved nature; I still do and I'm an avid cave explorer. 

The mission of Hearty Garden is to create a community that gardens all year round, including the winter months. I'm here to educate, demonstrate, facilitate and in every way ​ support you as you begin your new gardening life.


When I moved to Chicago to be near my grandson, I realized that winter gardening can be a challenge in the Windy City.  But, that hasn't stopped me and it won't stop you either.